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Wonderland Soft Play is a family-owned business servicing Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. Co-owners Frank and Sheila (that's me) are high school sweethearts since 2006. Our business was inspired by our middle child, Olivia, who loves sensory play and all things climbing, sliding and jumping. At the age of four, Olivia was diagnosed with Autism and because of her adventurous personality, she's remained our top product tester! Olivia has two siblings, Lex who is 14 and Matt who is 2. You'd think Lex is the pack leader since she's the oldest, but Matt and Olivia give us all a run for our money! 

------------------------------------------------------W H Y book with Wonderland?--------------------------------------------------------


We've been open and operating since July of 2019 and have grown to be one of Houston's favorite soft play companies.


Being parents ourselves, we know the importance of having a clean play area, this is why our equipment is thoroughly sanitized prior to EVERY set up. Yes, even the balls! Every single ball is sanitized after each booking. We take great pride in our clean equipment and we it shows! Additionally, we rent each piece of equipment only ONCE per day, this means you will always receive a fresh play set for your rental! We want to provide only the best to our customers!

Our play areas will offer a safe and fun environment for children as young as a year old to interact with and develop social and gross motor skills. We have giant ball pits, slides, white castles and modern bounce houses in our inventory to cater to the older crowd as well. Needless to say, we will bring the fun to any event and for all ages!

You name the place and we bring the fun to keep your guests entertained for hours! 

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